How to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from LG G7

"Oh, what the heck happened to my phone? Why did my messages disappear? " --Asked by my friend John, helplessly. Are you familiar with this paragraph?
Recently, according to the Korea business daily,Samsung is not the only flagship at this CES, LG G7 will also make the first appearance. The new product, LG G7, it's reported that it will be equipped with a snapdragon 845 processor like the GALAXY S9,  is also rumoured to be equipped with OLED displays. The highlight is the fingerprint sensor will be placed below the display, instead of being on the back of the phone like samsung's GALSXY S9 series. Although the authenticity of the news remains to be confirmed, its appearance is still worth expecting. 
If you are having an inclination to purchase a new phone, maybe you can take the LG G7 into consideration. And commonly,  we're addicted to using our phones, it seems that we can't leave our phones for a while. Now that we use our phones more and more frequently, more and more data are stored in our phones, such as messages, call logs, photos and so on. Thus, it's necessary to backup our data in case they were deleted by mistake. It went without saying that we'll be restless if we lose some significant data by accident, just like my friend John. However, from now on, we needn't be agonising if we experience this case one day, because there is a good solution can do us a favour. Are you curious about what it's? Please read on.
In fact, the solution I mentioned above is to download a professional data-recovery software-- LG Data Recovery, which is the best tool to recover deleted files from Android phone/SD card/tablet on Windows 10/8/7 and macOS Sierra/macOS High Sierra. Apart from this, it has plentiful features. Firstly, it can recover deleted files on Android in many situations. Whether you losing data after factory restore, OS update or rooting, forgotten password or more, it can recover the delected data instantly. Secondly, it enables you to recover various data, including call logs, messages, photos an so on. Thirdly, it can recover data not only from the internal memory, but also from the SD card and SIM card. Last but not least, this software only reads the information on your device, your data will be protected perfectly. Your personal information will not be stored in the software, so you needn’t be afraid of leaking your provacy during the process.
Known so many practical features about the LG Data Recovery, are you curious about how to operate it? It's also easy to operate and dosen't require any professional knowledge. Now let me take an example of recovering deleted/lost data from LG G7 to help you master the method.


Steps to recover deleted/lost data from LG G7.

Step 1. Launch FoneLab and connect your mobile phone.
To beginning with, please download and run this powerful Android data recovering software on your computer. Then connect your LG G7 to the computer via USB cable. After managing to concatenate your phone, the aiseesoft FoneLab for Android will automatically detect it.

Step 2. Enable USB debugging.
In order to initiate the data-recovery process, you need to open the debugging mode on your phone. If you haven't opened it, FoneLab for Android will prompt you to do. It will detect your Android version and teach you how to open the USB debugging mode on your phone. Just follow the instructions. After finishing the operations on your phone, click "OK" button to go to the next step.

Step 3. Select the data types you want to recover.
After connection, all file types on your Android will be showed in the interface. It's flexible so you can choose the file types you want to recover. For instance, you can select the "Messages"  to recover your delected meaasges. Then click "Next" button to scan the selected Android data.
Step 4. Recover Android data.
When the scanning is finished, all types of files will be listed in categories on the left control. You are able to check the detailed information of each data. Preview and select the text messages you have an inclination to recover, and then click "Recover" button to complete recovering process.

Warm tips: please ensure that your LG G7 and computer are connected all through the process, or else it'll be not smoothly and take you longer time to wait.
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