Recover Deleted Data Contacts on Samsung Galaxy J2

What's your respone when you found that your contacts on your beloved Samsung Galaxy J2 all disappeared for unknown reason? Shocked? Panic? Annoyed? But after all these feelings, what will you do? Just let it go because it's a common belief that missed data can't be found back? If you think like that, you are outdated! Actually, under certain circumstance you can restore the deleted contacts. The key is that stop using your Samsung J2 when you deleted data and then look for a third-party data recovery software. And here I highly recommend a wonderful software, Android Data Recovery.
Android Data Recovery is designed for data loss because of factory restore, system crash, rooting error, ROM flashing, etc. Security promised, it enjoys high reputation in the market. Unlike other softwares in the market, Android Data Recovery enble you to recover some certain items in a certain type of data instead of constrainedly recovering all the items. In addition, its 3 simple steps: connect, scan and recover, attract more customers to use it. Now let me instruct you how to recover deleted contacts from Samsung J2. Before the recovery, download and install Android Data Recovery on your PC first. Then run it on the PC. When you are shown the user interface, you can follow the instruction below.



Steps to Recover Deleted & Lost Data Contacts on Samsung Galaxy J2


Step 1. Connect Galaxy J2 to PC

Connect your device to your PC using USB cable. After connecting your device to your PC, your phone may prompt you to debug USB if you have never done it before. Follow the instruction and do the same. After debugging USB, Android Data Recovery will detect your device. Then again your phone or tablet will prompt you for Superuser request authorization to allow Android Data Recovery to connect. Just click "Allow".


Step 2. Select the File Types to Scan

Then, Android Data Recovery will show the next screen and ask you to choose the type of files to scan. Check the box before "Contacts" and then click "Next".

Then,you will be requested to choose a recover mode. You can read the description and choose the "Standard Mode" or the "Advanced Mode" according to your need. Normally speaking, we choose "Standard Mode" first because it saves time. You can turn to "Advanced Mode" if "Standard Mode" doesn't work.


Step 3. Recover Deleted Content from Galaxy J2

Within few minutes, the software will show all the deleted contacts. All that you need to do is check the certain items that you want to recover and click "Recover" to begin to restore. Your contacts will be back where you want them to be, your phone or PC.

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