How to Unlock an Android Phone Without Password

To protect the private information on our Android phone and improve the secure using level on the Internet , we need to set lots of passwords. Many people in modern society all have many different passwords, but sometimes we may forget them when we need to use.
On smart phone, one can set some kinds of screen lock to protect your Android phone from being used by others when you lose the phone. There two most common types of screen lock, pattern unlock and password unlock.

One day, when you suddenly forget the password but you have to use your Android phone right now, I think this is a satisfactory tool for you, Android Lock Screen Removal.
Android Lock Screen Removal, the best recovery software for all Android smart phone users, supports 6000+ Android models and keep totally safe guarantee to fix the matters of your phone. To Android Lock Screen Removal, it is easy to remove the lock and keep all data on the phone. What's more, Android Lock Screen Removal also well known as the Android Data Recovery, which enables to restore your lost and deleted data on any of your Android device with ease.
Do not wait, let's to show you how it work.


Remove Android Lock Screen - Unlock an Android Phone Without Password


Step 1. Choose "Android Lock Screen Removal"

First of all, download and launch Android Lock Screen Removal on the PC.  Next find the item "More Tools" and enter it. Then choose "Android Lock Screen Removal”. This program can help you remove the password of PIN, patterns, password and fingerprint on any of your Android smartphone and tablet with a click.

Connect your Android device to the PC with USB cable and click "Start" to begin the recovery.


Step 2. Please Enter the Download Mode on Your Android Device

Before you can liberate your mobile phone, you need to get your device into download mode first. In order to get your Android phone into Download Mode, you have to finish the following instructions on the program. Please calm down, it's very easy.
1. Firstly, turn off the Android phone.
2. Press and hold volume down + home button + power button simultaneously.
3. Press the volume up to enter download mode.


Step 3. Download Recovery Package for Your Phone

After your device gets into the download mode, Android Lock Screen Removal will begin downloading recovery package for your phone automatically. In this part, you may wait for a few minutes.


Step 4. Remove Password without Losing Any Data

After downloaded the recovery package, the Android lock screen removal begins to work for you. Once the recovery process over, you can see a message that is “Removed password completed” on the screen. At this time, you can enter your phone without any password and you will be happy to find all data on the phone is safe and unbroken.

Today, smart phone can be regarded as a mini-computer which we almost use per day. Considering that smart phone plays an important part in our study, work and other aspects, we need to protect well our phone and deal with all problem of it immediately. And there is no doubt that Android Lock Screen Removal is your best assistant to protect your Android phone. Unfortunately, if you had already restored your Android device to factory settings and lost all your data, please don't worry, you can follow the below articles and use this tool to get the lost content back with ease.

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