How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Huawei Phone

"Yesterday, I updated system of my Huawei phone. I think some new feature is good and the operation of the phone system is more flexible. However, when I open the conatcts on my phone, I was shocked becuase lots of my contacts disappeared. And I suddenly think of that I forget to backup data before system update. Oh, I need to find my lost contacts immediately because my boss phone number was missed, too."

It is a bad thing to lost conatcts for modern people, for they have so many contacts that they are impossibe to remember per phone number. So losing contacts on the phone is a annoying thing to most smart phone users.
Fortunately, we have solution now. We can find an assistant to fix that situation forever. And Huawei Data Recovery is the best tool and assitant to most Android phone users. Fully fits 6000+ Android devices, Huawei Data Recovery can handle various cases of losing data on the phone. It can recover deleted contacts, messages, call logs, vidoes and so on as soon as possible.


Simple Steps to Recover Deleted Contacts from Huawei Phone


Step 1. Connect Your Huawei Phone to the Computer

Run Huawei Data Recovery on your computer and connect your Huawei to the computer via USB cable.  When you decide to start the recovery process, please close any other background software and Android management.

If you used Huawei Data Recovery for the first time, your device might can not be recognized. In this time, a reminder message will pop up on your phone and remind you of empowering the USB debugging. If your connected device is recognized and detected, you can skip this little step.

Step 2. Choose File Types to Scan

Once detection begins, you can check all data on your phone on the interface. Choose “Contacts” to scan and press “Next” button to enter next step.


Step 3. Analyze and Scan Deleted Contacts from Your Device

Here, you need to choose a suitable scan mode between "Standard Mode" and "Advanced Mode" for scanning your device. Please choose "Standard Mode" first. If you find "Standard Mode" cna't fit your device, you can choose "Advanced Mode" later. Click "Start" button to begin analyzing and scanning your device.

Notes: During the scanning, there are two thing you need to pay attention to.
1. Keep the connection between your device and computer all the time.
2. If a Superuser Authorization appears, please click " Allow" button to pass it.


Step 4. Recover Deleted Contacts from Huawei

On the new window, you can check all found data which contains the existing and the deleted. Enter "Contacts" file, select the items that you need and click “Recover” button. Then the items of contacts will be save on your computer.

Notes: If you just want to see the deleted data on your phone, turn on the button of "Display deleted files only" or use the search function on the top right to search what you need in the scan result.
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