How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Phone Sudden Death

My Samsung S5 suddenly death. I can't use it successfully. Maybe it's a good chance to buy a new cell phone. But my S5 has been in use for three years, and there are many important or meaningful information in the phone, such as text messages, contacts, photos, etc.. Even if I do not use this phone, I want to extract the information on the phone to the computer, how can I do? Is there a way to help me to fix the phone?

Android Data Extraction (Damaged Device) is a software dedicated to retrieval the broken Android device, It has a very high retrieval rate. Generic software is unable to extract files from a damaged phone, and it does. No matter what the reason for your phone is out of trouble, such as System Crash, Not Responding, Locked Device, Black Screen, it can almost all be able to deal with. And the design of the software is very simple, you do not need to have professional skills, you can also simply operate and use the software.


Steps to Repair Samsung Galaxy Phone Sudden Death Without Losing Data


Step 1. Install and run Android Data Extraction

First you need to download the the program on your computer, and then run it. At the same time, please use the USB cable to connect your phone to your computer. As the following figure shows, the left column of the program has four options, you need to select "Android Data Extraction (Damaged Device)"and click "scan it".

Step 2. Select file type to restore

When the program completes the scan task, the program will pop up a dialog box, there are a number of file types, and you need to check out what you need. Then click "Start".

Note: This feature is only available to restore the existing files in the phone and can only be used in Samsung mobile phones.

Step 3. Select the type of fault

When you click on the "Start", the program does not really start to restore the file. Procedures will be transferred to another interface; you need to determine the type of mobile phone fault. There are two kinds, one is "Touch doesn't work or cannot access the phone", another one is "Black/broken screen". Select one of the most close to your phone type, click on it. Next, the program enters the next interface, you need to confirm your phone name and model and click “Next".

Note: This procedure is only adapted to the Samsung Galaxy series, if you don't know how to confirm your model or can't find your mobile phone model, you can click on "How to confirm the device model?" or “Can not find my device" to get more help.


Step 4. Enter download mode on your phone

Now, you need to operate your phone to install the download mode, the specific operation process is as follows.
1. Switch off the phone.
2. Now keep the phone's "volume decrease" button and the "home" and "power" buttons pressed for a while.
3. Then press the "volume increase" button to begin download mode.


Step 5. Fix your phone and restore your phone data

The next program will automatically analyze and repair your mobile phone data. After this step is over, you can see the program's interface with detailed phone data. The type list of these data will be displayed on the left side, you can preview them. Then, check them and click "Recover" to save the selected files on your computer.

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