How to Permanently Erase All Data on Android Phone

Nowadays, the update of Android phone is quite quick and most of us are easy to be attracted by the latest smart phone of Samsung, HTC and more. As for the comparatively out-dated phone, you may choose to send,sell or recycle to others. When you decide to abandon the old one, you need to clean up all data on that phone, otherwise you may meet some troubles, such as deception, information leak and more.

As we all know, our phones contain much our private information, like bank information, passwords, emails and so on. People just think they can delete all the data from their Android phone, but with the recovery software the data can be recover, which means your private information is still kept on your phone. You may think factory reset can remove your data successfully and permanently but it is also useless.
In this moment, Mobile Eraser is your best choice. It is the ideal Android & iOS device "erase" application designed to permanently wipe all personal information from the device and render the data unrecoverable. With its help, you can ensure that your information is erased safely and permanently, 100% wipe all data and setting on any of your Android smartphone and tablet, so as to protect your personal information without leaking. 
Now, let's try it by downloading the trial version below.


Steps to Permanently Erase All Data on Your Android Phone


Step 1. Download the Program on Your PC

First of all, download and install the program on the computer, open it and then connect your Android device to computer. Once your Android phone is recognized, you may be asked to install a application which is named MobileGo Connector on your device. In this time, please finish the installation.

Tips: If you are the first time to use Mobile Eraser, or you have never connect your phone with computer, you need to enable USB debugging on your phone, so as the program can detect your phone soon. When your phone is recognized, you can see the window as below.


Step 2. Erase All Data on Your Android Device

Now, please click "Erase All Data" button to enter the wiping mode, and then enter "delete" on the come-up interface to confirm your decision to delete all the data. After that, click on "Erase Now" to let the program begin wiping all data on your Android device.

Attention: This operation will permanently erase all data and can not be undo even using the most professional Android Data Recovery tools, so please make sure you've backed up the data in case of any data lost. And please do not disconnect your phone during the whole process.


Step 3. Factory Reset Your Android Phone

When all the wiping process is completed, Mobile Eraser will give the report what kind of data was deleted and how much of them, so you can check and confirm them. After that, you will be asked to perform a Factory Data Reset task on your Android device manually, just follow the tips on the window and do it.

Besides erasing permanently to protect your privacy, Mobile Eraser can also clean junk files on the iOS device, free up more space on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, so as to speed up your iDevice.
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