How to Permanently Wipe All Data on iPhone iPad

Post Day 05/23/2016 18:39

“Hi, look, There is the newest iPhone iPad product. It is so charming that I can’t wait getting it. I want to sell the one I own now because I do not have enough money to purchase the newest one. Do you have any good suggestions that to complete erase all data on my old iPhone before selling it? I don't want my person information exposed in front of strangers.”
The above situation is really common today, yes, I also think what the most indispensable thing to do is erasing all private information on your iPhone/iPad. Considering your iPhone/iPad plays an important role in your work, study, daily life, there must be massive data on it. Thus, when you decide to sell your iPhone, the first thing you need to do is ensuring all data deleted permanently from your iPhone in the case of information leak and other troubles.

To solve this case perfectly, I recommend the most professional eraser tool called Mobile Eraser. Mobile Eraser is fully compatible with almost all iPhone and iPad devices, as well as the latest iOS 9.3.1, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Pro and more.
Mobile Eraser supports pictures, videos, call logs, contacts, messages and more. What’s more, data from your device can be wipe safely and permanently and they never can be recoverable anymore, even with professional recovery software. Now, let me show you how to wipe all data on iPhone/iPad.


Steps to Permanently Wipe All Data on iPhone iPad Before Selling


Step 1. Install and Run Mobile Eraser on the Computer

Search “Mobile Eraser” in our software list or directly press the above buttons to download the trial version of Mobile Eraser, then install and launch it on your computer. Launch it, and connect your iPhone to the computer.

Once your iPhone or iPad is recognized, you can see five main options as the below picture on the primary interface.

Tips: All the erased data deleted by this program can not being restored after the deletion, so, before wiping your iPhone or iPad, please backup the data you want from your device, so that you still can restore it when you need.

Step 2. Wipe All Data on Your iDevice

Among the five options, please choose "Erase All Data" which enables you to erase all data permanently and make your iOS device like a brand new one.
Then in the next window, you will be asked to type "delete" into the text box in order to confirm the decision of deletion. If done, click on "Erase Now" to begin delete all content on your iPhone or iPad.

When the process is finish, the program will give you notice as below.

Notice: In this part, please do not run any other applications and keep your device connecting during the wiping process.

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