Erase All Data and Settings on Samsung Galaxy Note 5/4/3/2

All phone users are strongly aware of the security of the personal information on theri smart phone. They set lots of locks on their phone to avoid cheating and stealing. It is a good thing to protect your data so carefully, but when you decide to resell or abandon the old phone, you  absolutely need to erase all your data thoroughly to protect your data.

If you want to delete data on your phone, factory reset is not enough because factory reset just can wipe the system settings and some files. To erase deeply and completely, you need the professional tool to assist you.
My friend, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 user, has used this tool to erase all data and settings on his phone. He was surprise the powerful and useful of the tool, and very satisfied for its function. This tool is called Mobile Eraser. Mobile Eraser, the most ideal and professional eraser, can safely and throughly delete the unwanted files for users. It can protect your personal information, free up the space of your device, clear browser history and more other functions. By the way, the data deleted by it can not be recovered any more.


Steps to Erase All Data and Settings on Samsung Galaxy Note 5/4/3/2


Step 1. Install Mobile Eraser on the Computer

Install Mobile Eraser on the computer and run it properly. Then, please connect your device to the computer. If you were the first time to use this program, the program will ask you to install a connector called “MobileGo Connector” on your device. Please finish it by following the denotation.

Notes: If your connected device can not be detected, please enable the USB debugging.

Step 2. Erase All Data on Your Device

Here, click on “Erase All Data” button to get into the erasing mode and type “Delete” in the text box to confirm the deletion.

After that, press “Erase Now” button to start permanent deletion on your device.

1. Please close all background Apps and keep the connection between your device and the computer.
2. If there are any running on the device, please wait for updates to be completed.
3. Please make sure you have backed up any needed data because this deletion will permanently erase all data.

Step 3. Factory Reset Your Device

Once deletion finishes, the program will show you the report what kind of data was deleted and how much of them.

Then, you need to perform a Factory Data Reset task to clean up all system data on your device manually, please follow the tips on the window and do it.

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