How to Free Up More Space on iPhone 5/5C/5S

"My friend uses his iPhone 5 for a long time. Recently, there are more and more messages shown on the phone. He don't like clear up trash everyday. However, besides deleting useless data on the phone, he has no other ideas. He want to know how to free up more space to support his iPhone 5 to work smoothly."
Want to free up more space so as to speed up your iPhone 5, 5C or 5S? You need a professional way to reach that effect because just deleting data on the phone is not enough. Now, I want to introduce an ideal and safe software to you. This is Mobile Eraser.
Mobile Eraser is the ideal Android & iOS device wiping application which specially designed to permanently deleted all personal information from the device via US Military spec over-writing technology that ensure the erased data 100% unrecoverable. In addition to wiping all data, the program also allows you permanently erase the deleted and private file on your iOS devices. So, cleanning up storage space on our devices is a piece of cake to it. Moreover, it is also fully compatible with the latest Windows 10, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, iOS iOS 9.3.3/iOS 10, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and even the upcoming iPhone 7/7 Plus. With Mobile Eraser's 1-Click Cleanup, our devices will perform at optimal speeds by removing junk files and unnecessary background processes to free up more space.


Simple Steps to Free Up More Space on Your iPhone 5/5C/5



Step 1. Please Connect Your Device Via USB Cable

Launch Mobile Eraser on the computer and get your iPhone 5/5C/5S connected to the computer with USB cable. If you connect to the computer for the first time or your connected iPhone can not recognized by the program, you need to Trust the computer on your device in advance.


Step 2. Select and Enter the Wipe Mode

In this interface, you can see the detail of your device’s storage space, "One-Click Scan" button and "iOS Optimizer" button. "One-Click Scan" button can scan your existing and deleted data for free and keep your privacy safe. "iOS Optimizer" button can one click to release massive space and improve the performance of your iPhone. Please click "iOS Optimizer" button to start the optimizing process.


Step 3. Scan Files You Select

There are six categories of data: iOS System Tune-up, Download Temp Files, App Generated Files, Log Files, Cached Files and Unused App Elimination. You can choose any categories you want to clean. In order farthest to vacate more space, we recommend you select all of them, and then press "Start Scan" to scan your iPhone to optimize it from various aspects.


Step 4. Optimize the Files and System for Your iPhone

When the scanning process is completed, all the categories and files that can be optimized will be displayed. You can select those what you want to optimize one by one.

Besides, the program will show you how much user data and system data it can cleanup. Click “Cleanup” button to optimize your iPhone. After this process completes, the program will automatically reboot your iPhone and then shows how much space you've freed up for your device.

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