Free Up More Space on iPhone 4S,Optimize iPhone 4S

"My iPhone 4S has been used for more than two years. Now its running state makes me very disappointed. Because it always card. Every time I clean up the cell phone space to improve the speed of mobile phone operation. And I found that it was not useful. When I search the relevant content on the Internet, the answer is that I did not completely clean up the phone useless junk, cache files, etc.. You just delete them on the surface, in fact, they are still stored in the cell phone to affect the operation of the phone. So, what can I do to optimize the mobile space in the real sense?"

If you want to completely solve this problem, you may wish to use a software - iPhone Data Eraser.
iPhone Data Eraser is a powerful data deletion software. You can use the software to completely remove the phone data, which will be unable to restore by the data recovery tool. It will do its utmost to ensure that your privacy is not compromised. In addition, it can also clean up the phone memory, free up more space for your mobile phone. It is also called the iOS optimizer.



Steps to Free Up More Space on iPhone 4S


Step 1. Run iPhone Data Eraser and Connect Your Phone to Your Computer

First, download the iPhone Data Eraser to your computer. Then install and run it. Next, connect your iPhone 4S to your computer. If this is the first time you are connected to a computer, the computer first needs to be trusted.



Step 2. Select the Wiping Mode and the Project You Want to Optimize

When you run the iPhone Data Eraser, there are five features for your choice, please click the “iOS Optimizer”.

Then, the next window will appear with six items, please check the items you want to optimize according to your personal needs. Then click “Start Scan”.


Step 3. Select and Clean up the Files You Want

Next, the program will start the search process. This process takes a few minutes. After the search process is complete, all the directories and files are displayed, you should check the file you want to optimize, and then click "CleanUp".

Note: When the optimization process is complete, iPhone Data Eraser will automatically restart your phone and show how much space you have. If you want to experience other features, you can click on "Home".

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