How to Permanently Eraser All Data on iPhone 5/5C/5S

When it comes to how to permanently eraser all data on iPhone, I have to introduce a kind of extremely useful software. What is it? Ah...Don't be impatient. Here I just want to talk about why I will mention this topic.As for most of us, nowadays when accessing mobile phone, we usually have a perference to delete those unwanted data stored in our phone's memory. What's more, when we buy a new phone,we always want to permenently eraser all data on our old phone. After permenently erasering all data on our phone, not only can we delete those data to free up our phone's space but we can protect our private information so that we will not have a risk of losing our personal information. Recently, I just permenently eraser the whole data on my iPhone 5S because I bought a new phone, iPhone 6S. To solve my problem,I considered the software, Mobile Erasers helped me a lot. With Mobile Eraser's help, I permenently erasered all data on my iPhone 5S easily.

In terms of the software, Mobile Eraser, it is designed for protect mobile phone user's private information and wipe all data and settings on your iOS & Android devices, it is fully compatible with latest Window 10, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, iOS 9.3.3/iOS 9.3.2, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, etc. Apart from removing deleted files including pictures, videos, call logs, contacts, messages and more from your iOS devices permanently, it also enables to protect private information from being recovered by others and clean up junk files for freeing up space to speed up your iOS devices. So how to use this software, next, I will just take my experience that how to permenently erasered the whole data on iPhone 5S for example. Let's see it.


Simple Steps to Throughly Eraser All Data and Settings on iPhone 5/5C/5S


Step 1. Install and Launch Mobile Eraser on the Computer

Once you search “Mobile Eraser” in our software list or directly press the above buttons to download the trial version of Mobile Eraser, then you can install and launch it on your computer. After launching it, please connect your iPhone 5S to the computer.

When your iPhone 5S has been recognized, you can see five main options as the below picture on the primary interface.

For the reason that all the erased data deleted by Mobile Eraser will be removed permenently after the deletion, thus, before wiping your iPhone 5S as well as other iDevices, please backup the data you want from your device in case of an incorrect deletion.


Step 2. Wipe All Data on Your iPhone 5S

Among the five option metioned before, please choose "Erase All Data" which enables you to erase all data permanently and make your iOS device like a brand new one.

Then in the next window, in order to confirm the decision of deletion,you will be asked to type "delete" into the text box. If done, click on "Erase Now" to begin delete all content and settings on your iPhone 5S.

Pay attention, in this part, please don't run any other applications and keep your device connecting during the wiping process.
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