How to Permanently Delete Reminders from iPhone iPad

"On iPhone/iPad, the function of reminders is interesting and makes more convenience to the users. My roommate like to record things and plans with reminders. Now, there are so much reminders on her iPhone, so she want delete some reminders."
Nowadays, considering data deletion, most people like to deleted the useless data completely and permanently because that can make our information on the phone more safe. The crime on the Internet is so serious that the phone users are more and more aware of the importantce of information security. So if the above user want to deleted reminders, choosing permanent deletion is a wise desicion.

How to permanently delete the data unneeded? Mobile Eraser can help you.
Mobile Eraser is an ideal and professional data eraser. Fully compatible with the latest Windows 10, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, iOS 9.3.3/iOS 10, iPhone 6S/7 and iPhone 6S Plus/7 Plus, Mobile Eraser can permanently delete contacts, messages, reminders and so on. By the way, it is designed to protect users private information, is an all-in-one phone eraser tool to clean your iPhone iPad and Android devices data.


Steps to Permanently Delete Reminders from iPhone iPad without Restored


Step 1. Delete Remindersf Manually on Your Device

Before starting this deletion process, you should delete manually the unwanted reminders on your iPhone/iPad. But if you have deleted them before, you can skip this step.

If there are some reminders that you need to remian,you need to backup them because the program can delete files permanently.

Step 2. Launch the Preogram and Connect Your Device

Launch Mobile Eraser and connect iPhone/iPad to computer via the USB cable. Once your device is recognized, the report of storage of your device and the main five options will be displayed on the interface.

Tips: The deletion will not affect the existing files. Please close other background applications, otherwise that may slow down the whole deletion.

Step 3. Allow to Scan Your Device for Deleted Data

In this part, you need to select a corresponding deleting mode and permit the scanning begins. You can see the scanning in details. Moreover, when you find the scanning cover the all deleted reminders, you can click "Stop" to suspend the scan.


Step 4. Permanently Delete Reminders

After scanning, you can preview the result clearly on the window and need to reconfirm the deleted photos you choose. Then, select the deleted reminders and press "Erase Now" to begin wiping the selected reminders and type "delete" on the text box to confirm the deletion. After that, the program will autmatically wipe the selected content permanently. Please ensure that your iPhone or iPad is well connected during the whole wiping process.

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