How to Permanently Delete Calendars on iPhone iPad

As for me, I am a kind of person who have a habit to permanently delete those data I don't want when accessing my smartphone for the reason that not only can I protect my private information but I can release some space of my phone.I consider most of you may do the same thing as me,don't you? So how can I permanently delete data on my phone? Here,I want do introduce a kind of useful software,Mobile Eraser to you guys which may be a good helper for you when you have a need.And recently I just permenently deleted calendars on my iPhone so it is exactly suitable for me to introduce this software to you. I will just take my experience that I permenently deleted calendars on iPhone for example.

When it comes to the software, Mobile Eraser, it is designed for protect mobile phone user's private information and is fully compatible with latest Window 10, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, iOS 9.3.3/iOS 9.3.2, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Apart from removing deleted files permanently, it also enable to protect your information, cleaning up junk files for freeing up space to speed up your iOS devices. Therefore, with such a helpful software, I need't worry about the unlucky situation that my private information will be leaked. Well, so how to use Mobile Erasers this charming software. Please take the instructions below.


Steps to Permanently Delete Calendars on iPhone iPad


Step 1. Delete the Calendars Unwanted on Your iPhone iPad Manually

Delete the calendars unwanted on your iPhone manually. But take care, you'd better backup the calendars to avoid the situation that you select the calendar to delete incorrectly.


Step 2. Connect Your iPhone iPad to the PC and Scan Your Device

Install the Mobile Eraser and launch it on the PC and then please make a connection between your device and the PC via USB cable. After your device is recognized, you can see the infromation on the window and then the program will start to analyze your iPhone and show you five options to choose and the storage situation of your phone.

Here you need to choose "Erase Deleted Files" to let the program start scanning your device for the deleted data which includes the deleted calendars.

When it starts to scan, you should clearly watch the scanning process and press “Stop” while finding the previously deleted files.

Step 3. Permanently Remove the Selected Calendars on Your iPhone iPad

When it is complete to scan, all deleted data on your phone's internal storage will be shown to you on this window. You can see the calendars and check them one by one, next select well the deleted calendars unwanted, then click on "Erase Now".

And then you enter a new interface and a pop-up dialog will show you to denote you to enter "delete" in the text box to confirm the deletion.

Once erasing is over,it will show that the wiping is successful and all the selected content are permanently deleted. But please remember during the erasing process ,do not to disconnect your phone and then please close all background app on your device.

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