How to Permanently Delete Text Messages on iPhone 5/5C/5S

"I attach most importance to my private information on my iPhone 5. I have use it for several years and there are lots of data and tracks on it. I clean up my iPhone 5 once a week, beacuse I am affraid of personal information diclosed for losing my iPhone 5 or some other bad accidents. Therefore, I need a good data eraser to help me, since I heard of deleting manually is meaningless."
Personal information disclosed is one of the worse problems today. As samrt phone nearly replaces the supermakets, banks and others in reality, there is no doubt that various private information remains on the smart phone, let alone iPhone.

If iPhone users want to prevent the Internet criminal to happen, they must take adquate preparation for that. Clean up their phone regularly is not enough. They also need an assistant.
This assistant is called Mobile Eraser. It is regared as the best assistant of data deletion because it can delete the unwanted data safely, quickly and thoroughly. It won't beak the existing data, but it must delete data permanently for users. Mobile Eraser is compatible with iDevice.
Just now, we recieve a demand of a user: help him permanently delete text messages on iPhone 5, as well as iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Now, let's see how Mobile Eraser operate.



Steps to Permanently Deleted Text Messages on iPhone 5/5C/5S


Step 1. Delete the Text Messages on Your iPhone Manually

Delete the text messages unwanted on your devices. Before deleting manually, backup the messages you still need and make ready for the deletion.


Step 2. Connect Your iPhone to the PC and Scan Deleted Data

Launch the program on the PC and connect your device to the PC with USB cable. Once your device is recognized by the software, a reminder message will inform you on the window. And then,the program will detect the phone automatically and quickly.

After a while, five options and the storage situation of your phone will appear on the window.
Choose "Erase Deleted Files" to allow the program to analyze and scan your device for the deleted data which absolutely contains the deleted text messages.

When scanning process begins, please watch carefully and click “Stop” when you find the deleted text messages.

Step 3. Permanently Remove the Selected Text Messages on iPhone 5/5C/5S

In this step, enter the option of messages, and then you can check all deleted text messages on your iPhone's internal storage. Select the deleted text messages which you want to erase permanently, and click on "Erase Now" to delete them.

After that, type "delete" in the text box to confirm the deletion. When the erasing completes, the program will tell you that the selected files are successfully erased.

Notices: Make sure your device is connected during the erasing process and close any other background app on your iDevice.

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