How to Permanently Delete Photos on iPhone 6/6 PLus

Frankly speaking, data recovery is a problem, but in some way data erasure is also a technical problem. When speak to this, someone might surprise becuase in their mind, deleting unwanted data is an easy thing. Well, every iPhone 6 users can delete useless data on their phone manually. That deletion is quite convenient becuase of one-key clean. 
However, do the deleted data are truly deleted? No! All deleted data can be recoverable and available again without professional deletion. Here, you mingt ask why you need to thoroughly delete data? Permanently erasing can protect your personal information, free up more space, speed up your iPhone 6 and clean junk files, all of which are expertise of our company's product, Mobile Eraser.

Mobile Eraser can assist iPhone 6/6 Plus users wipe photos, banking information, logins,emails, messages and more others. It is fully compatible with the latest Windows 10, iOS 8.4/iOS 9/iOS 10, iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 6/6S Plus.
Now, let's experience the function of Mobile Eraser from permanently erase photos from iPhone 6/6 Plus.



Steps to Permanently Erase Photos Pictures on iPhone 6/6 Plus


Step 1. Erase Useless Photos on iPhone Manually

Select the items of photos that you don't like and delete them manually on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. At the same time, we suggest you to backup the photos that you are not sure to delete, beause after deletion these items can't be restored forever.


Step 2. Launch Mobile Eraser on the Computer

Lauch Mobile Eraser on the computer and connect your iPhonr 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to the computer. After connection, Mobile Eraser begin detecting your device immediately and your device will be recognized soon.


Step 3. Scan Your iPhone for the Deleted Data

Here, you can see five options and the storage situation of your iPhone 6/6 Plus. Then. please click "Erase Deleted Files" to allow Mobile Eraser analyze and scan your iDevice, incliding deleted photos. You should watch the sacn processclearly because and you can press "Stop" button if you find the files you have deleted.

Tip: Permanently erase deleted flies without affecting existing ones.

Step 4. Remove Deleted Photos on iPhone Permanently

In this window, you can see all deleted data clearly. Open the file of Phontos, and check the items one by one. When you confirm there is no wrong, please click on "Eraser Now" button.

Then, type "delete" in the text box to confirm the deletion. At last, "Successfully ersed" will shoe you on the window, which means the photos you don't like are deleted permanently.

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