Permanently Delete Safari Bookmark from iPhone iPad

Do you know how to delete unwanted files or browser history on your iPhone/iPad? You may answer “Yes”, and think I ask a stupid question. Select unwanted files and click “Delete” button, the unwanted files are deleted. Every customers know this steps to delete on their phone, but are the selected files truly deleted? NO! The deleted files are still on their iPhone/iPad and can be recovered by professional data recovery software.

When we delete some useless files on the computer, the files will be removed into recycle bin. We need to delete them again in the recycle bin. In this time, a pop-up message will ask you whether determine to delete these files permanently. You click “Yes” and the files are deleted throughly and become unrecoverable. Now, how could we delete unwanted files permanently on our phone? Mobile Eraser can help us.
Mobile Eraser is the ideal Android & iOS device's erasing application which designed to permanently wipe all or some personal information from the device using US Military spec over-writing technology to render the data unrecoverable. Mobile Eraser supports your to completely delete pictures, videos, call logs, contacts, messages, Safari bookmark, emails and more on your iPhone iPad and iPod touch without any possibility of recovery.
Now, let's start from permanently deleting Safari Bookmark from your iPhone or iPad.


Steps to Permanently Delete Safari Bookmarks from Your iPhone/iPad


Step 1. Delete the Safari Bookmarks Unwanted on Your iDevice Manually

Delete the Safari bookmarks unwanted on your iPhone/iPad manually. And do not forget to backup the bookmarks that you still need.


Step 2. Connect Your Device to the PC

Install the Mobile Eraser and launch it on the PC, and then please make a connection between your device and the PC via USB cable. Once your device is recognized, program will start to detect your device automatically and quickly. After a while, five options and the storage situation of your phone will display on you.
Choose "Erase Deleted Files" to let the program start analyzing and scanning your device for the deleted data.

If you do not want to wait for the whole scanning process, you can click "Stop" bottom when you find the deleted Safari bookmarks are scanned.



Step 3. Permanently Remove the Selected Safari Bookmarks on Your Device

On this window, all the found deleted data on your iPhone's internal storage will be shown to you . You can see the Safari bookmarks and check them one by one.

Select well the deleted bookmarks and type "Erase Now". And then, according to the pop-up dialog denotation, enter "delete" in the text box to confirm the deletion.

Please do not disconnect your iPhone or iPad during the wiping process, when the deletion is finished, you will be told that.

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