Transfer Whatsapp Messages from iPhone to Galaxy Note 7

Post Day 08/05/2016 12:13

As early as last year, the Galaxy Note 5 has been fully beyond the iPhone 6S, to this year, Note 7's photo is very satisfactory, it is a spike of the majority of mobile phones. Coupled with the iris to unlock, s pen, which is Note7 unique function. The higher practicability, more features and more good-looking design, maybe not the ultimate smart phone, but it may be the one you most want.
I bought a Samsung Note 7. Now I want to transfer the Whatsapp messages from my old iPhone 6 to Galaxy Note 7, what should I do?
iOS Data Recovery may be your best choice. It is a iPhone/iPad/iPod touch data recovery and processing software. You can use this software to achieve data recovery, transfer, backup and deletion. Of course, it also has some limitations. At present, it can only transfer WhatsApp Messages and attachments from iOS devices to iOS or Android devices. And this function happens to be what you need. And the operating method of the software is very simple, you can according to the instructions step by step to complete your goal. In addition its user interface is very simple, clear at a glance.


Steps to Transfer WhatsApp Messages & Attachment from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Step 1. Choose a Transfer Mode

Install and run iOS Data Recovery. Then the main interface has four icons on the left column. Click "More Tools" and then click "Backup & Restore WhatsApp ". Then you will see the following interface. Select "Transfer WhatsApp messages ".


Step 2. Connect Your Phone to Computer

Connect your Samsung Note 7 and iPhone 6 to the computer. Because you need to transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to Samsung, so after the phone connection is successful, iPhone should be displayed on the left. If they are shown in the opposite position, click "Flip".



Step 3. Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Note 7

When your phones are detected and in the correct position, please click "Transfer". Then the program will pop up a window, in order to transfer data, you should click on the "Yes". Then the program begins to transfer data.

When you see the following interface, the transfer is complete, here, you are allowed to restore the previous backup file to your Note 7 with a click, you can click on the "skip" if you don't have any other requirements.


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