Extract Lost iPhone iPad Data from iTunes Backup on iOS 10

Post Day 06/22/2016 09:55

Usually, we have heard some friends to upgrade attachment or restore the firmware, then their short messages, contacts and information have lost. ITunes as a backup software, which has been researched by Apple, is worth us to depend on. But I believe a lot of people do not understand iTunes, neither its function nor using method.

Generally, iPhone backup includes the following information: address book (packet and contact number), short message (receive and transmit), call records (calls, missed calls, dialed), Safari bookmarks, notes, calendars, multimedia (all kinds of ring tones, music, videos, photos), App attachments (App photos, App videos), voicemail, and so on. If these iPhone iPad backups are restored, you will be able to restore your device to the previous state.
Well, extract your lost data from these iTunes backups, iTunes Backup Extractor is a expert. No matter what type of iPhone or iPad you are using, the program can help you extract almost all data from the selected iTunes backup file, and restore whatever data you wanted to your devices, and the data can't be damaged or lost anymore. The following article will guide you how to do it, why not have a try?

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   Part 2 Restore iPhone iPad Lost Data from iCloud Backup
   Part 3 Recover iPhone iPad Lost Data after iOS 10 Update
   Part 4 Fix iPhone iPad Stuck on Recovery Mode


Steps to Extract Lost iPhone iPad Data from iTunes Backup on iOS 10


Step 1. Launch iPhone Data Recovery and Choose the Mode

Run iTunes Backup Extractor and you will see the main interface with 4 modes, choose the second "Recover from iTunes Backup File" mode. Don't forget to connect your devices to computer via USB cable.


Step 2. Choose the Backup File and Scan it

Now you can see the iTunes backup files through the program, select a suitable file and click "Start Scan". The scanning process will last a few minutes to extract all data from iTunes backup file, please be patient.



Step 3. Preview the Data and Recover Them

After a few seconds, all data from backup files will be extracted by the program and displayed for you. The left is the type of the data and the right is the details. Check them one by one and make sure do not miss the important data. If you want to recover the data, just tick the box in front of it.
Finally, you can simple click "Recover" to save them back to your computer. For contacts, notes and messages, you can choose to save them to your computer or devices by clicking "Recover to Computer" or "Recover to Device". Please keep the USB cable connected as long as the process is not finished.

No worries that you will lose your iPhone or iPad data anymore. iTunes Backup Extractor is your best assistant to recover your lost data from iTunes backup easily. Of course, premise is you must have a backup file, so please periodically back up your data, it is the most effective means to prevent your data loss.

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