How to Extract Viber Photos from iPhone on Mac

Post Day 07/20/2016 17:16

Viber is a cross platform network telephony and instant messaging software which is used for smart phon. It can operate on the 3G and WiFi networks. Viber users do not need to register or payment; as long as the two sides have installed the software will be able to communicate with each other free. Users can communicate with other users free of charge and send text messages, pictures, video and audio media via wireless network or UMTS. At present, Viber supports multiple languages, including Chinese.

I also installed Viber on my iPhone 6. It is really very convenient in many cases. And now I have a request, I want to extract Viber photos, but I do not know how to do, so I came to help.
You can use the iOS Data Recovery to solve your problem. When you see the name of the software, you may be confused; this is the data recovery software, can it help me to export the photos in Viber? The answer is Yes. Because this software not only has the function of data recovery, It can also backup data, transfer, backup and restore WhatsApp, view and restore or export Viber, delete all iOS devices data or private data . This is a multi - functional software. So you want to export the photos in Viber, It's not a problem for iOS Data Recovery.


Steps to Restore Viber Photos from iPhone on Mac


Step 1. Launch the Program and Connect Your iPhone to PC

First, you need to install the software on your computer, and then run it. At the same time, please connect your mobile phone to the computer via USB line. Then you can see that there are four icons on the left side of the program, you need to click on the fourth "More Tools". Then the program interface is as follows, you should choose "iOS Viber Backup & Restore".


Step 2. View Your Viber Backup File

When the program detects your phone, the interface is as follows. You should click on the right bottom of the blue sentence "To view the previous backup file >>". Here you will see all backup files of your Viber chats, select one you want to check and click on the "View" button.

Note: In order to restore the lost or deleted Viber data, we strongly recommend you to back up Viber data from iPhone termly.

Step 3. Restore Whatever Your Like to iPhone

The program begins to scan the Viber file. When this process is complete, you can preview the files that are displayed. These files are divided into three categories, respectively is text chats, call history and viber attachments. When you find the photos you want to export, check it out. Then you should choose to the location to export, one is “Restore to Device”, and the other is “Export to PC". Finally, click the button and wait a moment.


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