How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Tab Without Losing Data

Post Day 06/13/2017 12:31

"Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is a is one of my son’s favorite electronic products. I sent it as his birthday gift, but he was allowed to use Samsung Galaxy Tab with my guidance. However, he is aware of personal privacy and he starts to set up various kinds of screen locks. In fact, I didn’t mind that, but for he changed the lock frequently, he forgot the password. He didn’t tell me the password previously, so I didn’t know what to do. He worried so much that he want to remove the screen lock immediately." - Question from John Hocevar.
Is it possible for Samsung Galaxy Tab users to remove the lock screen PIN/passcode/pattern/fingerprint without losing any data inside it?
Forgetting the PIN/password/pattern of the screen lock is a common phenomenon today, but it is not a hard problem because we can remove the screen lock on ourselves with the help of Android Lock Screen Removal. Android Lock Screen Removal is designed to solve data and system recovery on clients’ devices. Through a few simple steps, it can do its work perfectly and doesn’t cause any trouble to clients. It supports 6000+ Android devices including Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Tab series, and LG G2/G3/G4, etc., and it owns highest recovery rate in the industry.


Steps to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Tab Without Losing Data


Step 1. Get Your Galaxy Tab Connected

Install and run Android Lock Screen Removal on the computer and enter the solution of "Lock Screen Removal".

After that, please get your Samsung Galaxy Tab connected to the computer as well as click "Start" button to start operation.


Step 2. Enable Your Device into Download Mode

To the recovery, your Samsung Galaxy Tab needs to be got into Download Mode. There are specific steps below to help you enable your Samsung Galaxy Tab into Download Mode. Please follow it.
1. Power off the Samsung Galaxy Tab.
2. Press and hold Volume Down + Home button + Power button at the same time.
3. Press the Volume Up to enter Download Mode.


Step 3. Download Recovery Package

Once your Samsung Galaxy Tab gets into Download Mode sucessfully and model matches sucessfully, it will begin downloading recovery package. The download will complete soon if the network speed is good.


Step 4. Remove the Screen Lock for Your Samsung Galaxy Tab

When the recovery package is downloaded, the recovery starts. The program now begins removing the screen lock. When it is complete, you will see a check on the image on the right side of the page. Now, you can touch and use your Samsung Galaxy Tab free.

By the way, the recovery won't hurt any existing data on your device.

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